Thursday, October 3, 2013

An update about school, stuff and books

Okay so I just switched into Chemistry, Intensified instead of the regular one and have to catch up on this Science Project that they did as a summer assignment, so I have not have time to read; the only time really have time is on the bus to school, and sometimes I'm just way too tired, because I only got five hours of sleep, so I choose to sleep instead <-- bad me.
In case anybody is curious I take: Algebra II, int., AP English, Chem, int., Film Study, Guitar, Theatre Arts, US&VA History, this is enough homework for me, but my history teacher apparently thinks that I could do well in AP History (as if that is ever going to happen, hah!)
I just wanted to write something even if it isn't really about books. To make everything better, I just got a cold and really shouldn't go to school, but I have waaay too many quizzes and tests to stay home ... I could talk all day about giving homework and quizzes. Also, what is the point of imaginary numbers? They don't exist (hint: imaginary), so why do we need to know about them? 

I decided to write, because I just got this book in the mail, will read it SOON (hopefully):
Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles,
and I am SO freaking excited about it. Yay! 

So was that enough for an update, 'cause I gotta go to schooooool. At least it's Spirit Week, so I get to wear all of these crazy things. :-D

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