Thursday, November 28, 2013

Poetry Out Loud

So, at my school Poetry Out Loud is a thing the teachers love to make us do. Usually it's only 9th graders - sometimes 10th graders too - who have to do it, but my AP English teacher thought it would be great for us to do it too. I am not much of a poetry lover, and honestly don't understand much of it. I get music, which is kind of poetry, but with singing and stuff. Anyway, I just thought I would share the poem that I chose, because it is one of those rare ones that I actually love. 

If anybody is interested in knowing, I only got a B on my reciting, because I kind of panicked and forgot everything, but that doesn't matter, here you go:


by Mary Weston Fordham

Sleep, love sleep,
The night winds sigh,
In soft lullaby.
The Lark is at rest
With the dew on her breast.
So close those dear eyes,
That borrowed their hue
From the heavens so blue,
Sleep, love sleep.

Sleep, love sleep,
The pale moon looks down
On the valleys around,
The Glow Moth is flying,
The South wind is sighing,
And I am low lying,
With lute deftly strung,
To pour out my song,
Sleep, love sleep.

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